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Improving the Professional You in 2017 - Part 2

Why is it that some people are so much more successful than others? Are they that much smarter? The answer – no. Sure, some had access to better schooling than others but more than anything where we end up is about the choices we make. Wildly successful people, to a large extent, got to where they are because of their commitment to effective goal setting - giving them long-term vision and short term motivation to acquire the knowledge and focus necessary to achieve. Please read on for some tips that may help you to achieve your vision of success.

Part 2: Goal Setting and Visioning

It’s fun and costs nothing. Identify your goals and imagine how it would be when you realize your goals. This is key. You have to see yourself achieving. Feel it. Experience it in detail. What would be the knock-on effects of realizing your goals and are they really meaningful motivators?

Many studies in human behavior and achieving success have shown that visioning outcomes can go a long way in creating reality. In fact, the study of quantum physics even states that conscious thought can actually create reality. If you don’t believe me, look it up!

All of us have an idea of how we want our lives to be. But in many cases that ideal is not well enough defined. In fact, many folks buy into the idea that destiny is what determines your life. However, that’s the easy way out and it lets you off the hook for any responsibility for your own happiness and fulfillment! If you are reading this article, you most likely believe you can have a direct effect on how your life progresses.

1. Goal Setting-Establishing your values

When you take a trip, you use a road map if you wish to arrive at your destination. Your life also needs a road map for arriving at your personal aspirations-hopefully at the top of Maslow’s Pyramid of Human needs. Most of us know of people we would like to emulate. Perhaps they have wealth and power or just that they are excellent people that others-including you-admire. But how did they achieve their prowess?

Much has been written about how successful people become who they are. For most, it begins with a vision of what they want their future to look like. Of course, that depends on each person’s values. So, write down what your values really are. Prioritize them by those that you believe are most important to you-what you won’t compromise. Most of us all want our goal in life to be happiness. Well, if your life is not in synch with your values, it’s not going to happen.

2. Goal Setting for your Profession

Identify those things that provide the most motivation for you on the job. If it is money, how much and how far are you away from that goal? Identify how you can realistically achieve that goal. If you are not where you want to be, why not? How can you learn how to get there? Is there a person who is achieving your desired goals and could they mentor you? Are you really ready to take on the sacrifices needed to reach your goals?

Write your goals out and then list how you can reach those goals as well as what is holding you back.

3. Visioning the ideal results

Daydreaming is a vital part of helping your reach your goals. Imagine how you would feel once reaching your goals. How would that change and improve your life? Vision it in detail. How are you dressed? How would your friends and family react to your success? Be realistic and treat your private scenario as if it really happened. Feel it. See it. Believe it can happen. Take your success scenario a step further and ask what your next goals would be as a result of your success.

In part 3, we discuss making an actual action plan to reach your goals for 2017.


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