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Accelerating time-to-revenue for new sales hires is important to Chief Revenue Officers and imperative to organizations in this market. At NES, our team has reduced the hiring cycle by an average of 27 days for new clients and produced as large as a 3.5-to-1 return on their investment.


With a combination of deep industry and functional knowledge, coupled with a process that has been perfected over the last 26 years, clients benefit from our expertise in curating and executing customized, innovative, and market-specific recruiting processes, consistently yielding qualified, in-market talent for critical hires.


  • Chief Marketing Officers

  • Chief Product Officers

  • Product Managers

  • Product Marketers

  • Product Developers

  • Market Planners


  • Chief Revenue Officers

  • Chief Client Officers (Account P&L Managers)

  • National and Regional VP Sales 

  • Strategic Account Managers

  • Channel Sales Executives and Leaders

  • New Business Developers/Hunters

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At NES, our approach to recruiting is set apart by our unique process and commitment to securing top talent you cannot otherwise find on your own. For clients, it is advisory and relationship-driven, consisting of a process that expertly works to understand your strategic goals, business challenges, culture, and technical requirements for mission-critical positions.


Our team's top priority is to shorten your hiring cycle while maintaining a key focus on accuracy. By working with you as discrete partners and customizing our approach to your specific needs, our goal is to deliver 3-to-5 highly-qualified candidates to compare and contrast on your timeline.

“I want to thank you for all of your firm’s assistance with our VP of Business Development project. You exceeded our expectations with 3 candidates we felt were all suitable for the position. Kathleen continues to make history here!”
Vice President Strategic Accounts, Top 3 Credit Bureau

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