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Staying Healthy at Work

Nobody enjoys getting sick, and no company enjoys having employees out sick. Unfortunately, illness is a fact of life, but employers can help encourage health and wellness within the workplace that will help minimize the number of health issues that are created by work. By implementing five simple principles, companies can help employees enjoy greater health and productivity.

  • Set a good example. Remember that the management is being watched by those below. If management works long hours, takes work home, skips breaks and lunches, etc., the employees will think that the same behavior is expected of them. Working like that is not healthy for anyone, and it brings stress into the employee’s life, inhibiting the body’s ability to fight illness and disease.

  • Provide ergonomically appropriate devices. Chairs that are adjustable will cut back on neck injuries for those who have problems seeing their computer screens and have to crane their necks. Properly padded keyboards and mouse pads help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. If employees are on their feet, properly cushioned pads for them to stand on reduces the wear and tear on their bodies.

  • Take frequent breaks from looking at digital devices. Staring at digital devices keeps people from blinking frequently, and this leads to dry eyes. Taking a short break (15 seconds) every hour from your electronic device allows your eyes to combat the problem of dryness.

  • Take a walk. If you’re getting cramped at your desk and feel the need to stretch your legs, get up and take a short walk. It doesn’t have to be long. You can go around the office, to the restroom and back, or to get a drink of water. Simply moving is good for the body.

  • Don’t come to work when you’re sick. Too many people think that they have to be at work even if they’re sick. Several problems arise from this mentality. First, you don’t function as well when you are sick. If you are doing decision analytics or risk management, you need to be at the top of your game. Second, you contaminate everybody else in the office. You are better off staying home and taking care of yourself, making sure you get plenty of rest, so that you can go back to work healthy.

Everyone will eventually get sick. It can’t be avoided, but setting the stage for health and wellbeing sets the odds up in your employees’ favor. You also win in the end since healthy, happy employees usually translate into a healthy company.


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