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The Benefits of Pre-boarding, Beyond a Seat on an Airplane

When an employee gets hired, he or she faces a multitude of challenges. The trials can be everything from leaving friends at the current job to uprooting an entire family and moving to a completely different area. Whether the move is great or small, if the hiring company can ease the way for the new-hire and show him or her what he or she has to look forward to, the new employee stands a much greater chance of actually coming “onboard” with the new company. The process of easing the transition is called “pre-boarding.”

According to ERE, the purpose of pre-boarding is to get new employees up to speed with the company before they ever hit the door and make them feel like they are a part of the team. If done correctly, chances of them being lured away by another company drop off dramatically. Many more ideas for pre-boarding exist, but here are some of the best.

· Send a welcome video – Send each new employee a personalized welcome video that introduces the employee to those he or she will be working with. The new recruit will begin to feel affinity with co-workers before ever setting foot within the office.

· Send a packet of resources – If the new hire is moving from out of the area, sending a packet of local maps, realtors, schools, etc. can be extremely helpful.

· Send an organization chart – Nothing is more frustrating than getting into a new job and not knowing how the culture within the organization works. To whom do you report? Whom do you go to if you need supplies? Sending a chart of how the company works ahead of time will eliminate a lot of the headaches.

· Engage on employee social media – With social media being an important part of everyday life, connecting the new-hire with his or her co-workers and team members via social media gets the new employee involved from day one.

· Send paperwork ahead – Another frustration for new-hires is spending most of the first day on the job filling out paperwork. Sending the paperwork ahead gets that chore out of the way and also solidifies the job in the new employee’s mind.

By pre-boarding your employee correctly, you stand a greater chance of keeping your new-hire longer. ID theft prevention, fraud, risk management, and decision analytics are high enough stress jobs without adding unnecessary strain. Anything that you can do as an employer to help ease your new employee into the job will be an added benefit to you in the long-run.


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