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How To Build a Successful Team

Putting together the right combination of talented individuals is the key to building a successful team. Ideally, you should be focusing on relative experience, education, and drive. Recruiting highly motivated team players for your organization is easy if you know what to look for in an individual and how to encourage them to perform

at their best.

In the last of our three-part culture series, we examine how to create a successful team.

Highly motivated employees typically have four traits:

Intelligence — Individuals who are highly motivated may not have numerous years of experience, but can quickly learn what they need to know to handle their responsibilities.

Pride — These individuals have pride in the company, their colleagues, and, most importantly, their work. They’re always engaged and take full responsibility for their work.

Teamwork — A team is only successful if all of the individuals involved work collaboratively. Individuals who embrace teamwork are happy to share information, insights or knowledge with others and are always willing to help their colleagues.

Integrity — When they make mistakes, people with integrity take responsibility. They’re also quick to recognize the positive contributions others make.

A group of highly motivated employees working together does not guarantee a successful team.

What does you team need to succeed?

Roadmap — If you want to get the most out of your teams, you need well-defined goals. To ensure peak productivity, delegate individuals to assigned tasks, establish timelines and measure progress.

Leadership — Every team needs a strong leader that provides encouragement, guidance and rule enforcement. They also provide a clear vision and embrace a certain amount of risk-taking.

Transparency — Everyone on a team needs to be included in all communications. This includes communications between team members and between management and the individuals on the team.

Putting highly motivated employees together in a positive team dynamic will surely boost productivity, innovation and morale. Start by cultivating leadership, developing a roadmap and increasing transparency and watch your team productivity shoot through the roof.


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