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Part Two: How to Give an Effective Video Interview

In Part One of this interview series, we covered three main points to consider if you want to ace your next video interview. If you want to nail this process and give a really effective interview, read on now for more essential tips...

Pre-Interview Checklist

Check these 10 things off your list before the interview and you will be set for success!

  1. Most interviewers will confirm this in advance but if not, do check what software the video interview is in. Head to the official page to download it and test it first.

  2. Another one that might be a bit obvious but do confirm the time back to the interviewer and most importantly the timezone of your interview.

  3. While you are doing that, ask if anything specific will be required of you during the interview itself. This is a good opportunity to find out more about the format and find out if possible who is on the panel.

  4. If you are using an external webcam, make sure the software is up to date and do a test-run.

  5. If you are considering a headset for the interview, do your research and make any purchases in advance so you can get used to wearing it. Headsets can make your voice sound more natural and give it richer tones than a standard in-built mic, but some look very bulky and may detract from the image you want to put over so it’s worth thinking about.

  6. Plan your wardrobe now. Go for blocks of color that look flattering on-screen - nothing too gaudy or patterned as that can be distracting.

  7. If you wear glasses, check that they don’t give off a glare on the screen. It’s super important that interviewers see your eyes and that you maintain good eye contact. Even better, put your contacts in.

  8. It’s a great idea to record yourself giving practice answers. It will help you identify any nervous tics you might have - verbal and/or physical.

  9. Check your internet speed from where you are going to be located for the call. It’s safest to be connected to the router but that might compromise where you can sit. The key is to be prepared because the last thing you want is to be panicking if you can’t get a good signal.

  10. Practice, practice, and practice again. This tip is a gamechanger. With practice comes confidence. By ironing out any kinks in your interview or presentational skills before the time comes means that you will be operating at your very best.

The Day Of Checklist

If you have followed the above tips you’ll be in great shape. Here are the last few items to tick off one hour before your interview...

  • Check your camera and mic are working, your internet connection is strong, and close out any tabs or applications you have open.

  • Don’t forget to clean up your username - this is the time to make sure your on-screen name is your own and not the one you use for your Zoom family quiz!

  • Place any notes on the desk beside you and clear away anything else.

  • If possible, try to do a short video call to someone else to test all is good.

What to Do When Things Go Wrong

We’ve all seen those viral videos where the boyfriend walks past his girlfriend’s zoom call, or the toddlers burst into the room where their father is giving a press interview. If it happens to you, it can be sort of funny if you’re already well-established in a company, but when you are trying to impress an interview panel, it can sure take the credibility out of your credentials. Make sure any errant children, family members, or pets are safely off-limits. And if anything does go wrong or there’s unexpected noise, then simply apologize and move on.

The professional way you handle a situation will hopefully mitigate any negative impact. And if the interviewer has a technical hitch and you can’t hear them well or the connection is bad, don’t struggle on. Mention it and no doubt they will be happy to make any adjustments or restart the call if necessary.

As it seems in the world today, video interviews and calls will be in our lives for the foreseeable so it’s worth honing these skills for now and in the future.


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