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Part One: How to Ace a Video Interview

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing the way businesses recruit. Whilst in the past, recruiters might have done preliminary live or pre-recorded video interviews early on to weed out large numbers of candidates, these days it is likely to be the only way you are interviewed. So now, more than ever, it’s essential to make sure that your video interview skills are up to scratch. Having a video interview can take your nerves to the next level and, in fact, you are going to need to do more preparation, rather than less. So, let’s explore some tips to make sure you ace your next video interview.

Prep like its a face to face interview

Although your interview is not in-person it’s not a good plan to rely on a cheat sheet to help you. A few notes can be useful to remind yourself of anything important you want to say or ask, but any more than that and it will be obvious to your interviewers that you are reading which will not instill confidence. So, do all the prep that you would normally like researching the company, having some questions ready, and ensuring you know your CV inside out so you can communicate easily the skills that are relatable to the role.

Watch your body language

Normally, during an in-person interview you can pick up on verbal and non-verbal social cues - that’s much more difficult in a video interview. The most important thing is to maintain good eye contact with the interviewer (s), but looking directly at their face (s) on-screen could mean your gaze appears off-kilter. If you look directly into your camera when you are speaking it means you will be looking right at the person asking the question and you’ll establish a much better connection. Don’t forget to sit up straight with good posture, nod and/or lean forward when you need to demonstrate listening (don’t lean too far forward though or your interviewer might just see a zooming eyeball!) keep your arms and legs uncrossed, and try not to gesture too much as it’s very distracting on the screen.

Another quick tip is that whether you are using an internal or external webcam position the camera or your laptop just above your eye level and pointed slightly downwards to achieve the most flattering angle. You want to look your best!

Location, location, location

Where will your video interview be? When you are deciding, factor in where you are going to be comfortable, and that you are away from noise or any potential distractions, but close enough to your internet router if your connection tends on the patchy side. Thinking about your background is important too - a blank wall, a bookshelf (check it carefully to make sure there is nothing incriminating and that it is not untidy or cluttered) or a screen provides a neutral environment where the only thing that will stand out is you.

Those are the main points to keep in mind to ace your next video interview. However, there’s more to consider so check out Part Two for more tips on how to give an effective video interview including your checklist for before the interview and on the day itself, and dealing with problems when things go wrong. ____________________________ Looking to grow your team in 2020? See how we can accelerate your time to revenue for new hires and deliver up to a 3.5:1 return on your investment in our services. Click here!


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