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Signs your top sales exec is about to slump

Everyone, from rookie to seasoned sales exec, hits a rough patch from time-to-time where getting to quota can take a Herculean effort. But when your top sales exec slumps this can mean much more than not hitting quota. It can impact morale and bring the whole team down. But what if you knew the signs that your top exec is about to slump so you could step in to help them? Here’s what to look out for:

Missed activity targets

If you notice your top sales exec’s numbers are dwindling in the amount of conversations they are having, or in the number of deals being closed or a shrinking pipeline then this is the time to step in. Perhaps your exec has lost their focus on solving problems for customers or they are spending too much time on less productive tasks such as researching the market. Lack of activity and focus are the most obvious signs your top exec is about to slump, and in fact once you’ve noticed it, it could already be happening.

KPIs are KO'ed

Key Performance Indicators- the metrics you use to measure and predict revenue production are vital to your team’s success. If your reps aren’t all over their own personal KPIs then it could be a sign they are losing motivation and, more importantly, every day they are losing time to achieve their targets. Top execs know exactly where they are and what they need to achieve to meet their KPIs. Play your part by ensuring your team knows their numbers inside out and monitor them regularly to avoid any nasty surprises!

You’ve got dissatisfied customers

If you start receiving complaints from customers about poor service or ROI concerns, then obviously this is a huge cause for alarm. It could be your sales rep is over compensating for poor production by skipping important steps in the sales process in order to make a sale, or perhaps they’ve lost faith and motivation. The point is it's important to look at the whole picture when assessing the performance of your top sales rep.

Negativity not creativity

Top sales execs are creative in their approach. Avoiding the routine one pitch fits all approach means they are adept at building relationships and personalizing their approach for the win. Developing and maintaining the positive outlook needed to be creative in sales takes effort and mental rigor and separates the exceptional sales professional from the rest. Of course they are human, like us all, and occasional dips in challenging times happen. But watch out - if they are not bouncing back with their usual creative solutions and negativity is creeping in its time to sit down with them and tackle what’s up.

Hopefully you’ve caught your sales exec before they’ve fallen into the abyss of a slump. If not, we're throwing you a lifeline in the next topic when we share some practical tips on what to do to get your top team members out of their slump.


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